Thursday, February 27, 2020

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus
2/27/20 11:29 PM 
Natural Chart / Whole Houses 

Note: Last year, I didn't really cover the transits of the moon other than it's relationship to other planets and positions in the form of aspects. This year, I will be covering the Moon's journey through the zodiac at the rate of one sign per month in the natural order. 

Moon in Taurus (General) 

The Moon makes a full circuit through the zodiac once every 28 1/2 days spending about 2.5 days in each sign. It's mantra is I FEEL and some keywords associated with it include, but are not limited to, childhood, cycles, emotions, feelings, habits, home, change, instincts, mother, passive, subconscious. nurturing, and imagination. The Moon rules Cancer, is Exalted in Taurus, in fall in Scorpio, and Detriment in Capricorn (see essential dignity). 

When the moon is in Taurus people are more patient, consistent, predictable, steady, materialistic, passive, dependable, comfortable, sensual, and laid back.  They will not easily stray outside their comfort zones, but rather will stick to their usual patterns of thought and behavior. They may feel more materialistic and driven to have more money, which increases their self-esteem and sense of security. There may also be a danger of people overindulging in food or drink. Finally they may feel more romantic and sensual. 

The natal house that Taurus is in in your birth chart is the area of life where you will feel more patient, determined, and steady. 

For example. 

  • If your rising sign is Aries, Taurus is your 2nd House. 
  • If your rising sign is Taurus, Taurus is your 1st House. 
  • If your rising sign is Gemini, Taurus is your 12th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Cancer, Taurus is your 11th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Leo, Taurus is your 10th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Virgo, Taurus is your 9th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Libra, Taurus is your 8th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Scorpio, Taurus is your 7th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Sagittarius, Taurus is your 6th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Capricorn, Taurus is your 5th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Aquarius, Taurus is your 4th House. 
  • If your rising sign is Pisces, Taurus is your 3rd House. 


The Moon + Taurus + 7th Houses 

I feel + I have + Relationships 

With the Moon in Taurus and the 7th House you may feel more patience and determined to have more relationships of a platonic, business, or romantic nature. For this reason, you feel the need to be around more people, to be more social, and to engage with others. You're feeling more charming, attractive, and affectionate. You can be more expressive and open with those close to you. You feel better about negotiation and compromise in your relationships. This is a good time to confront and heal any issues present in your relationships. 


Aspects, or relationships between planets, is another dimension of astrological interpretation that should be considered. In this case, we would look at any aspects formed between the Transit Moon and planets in one's birth chart. For example, the Moon at 0°Taurus is applying an opposition to my natal Venus at 2° Scorpio. An opposition is a type of aspect in which the energy or urge of planet is in contract with the energy or urge of another planet. In the case of an opposition (hard aspect) the two planets are pulling part. You may feel that someone or something is doing something for you and you have no power to control what is happening. 

Let's break it down:

Transit Moon + Opposition +  Natal Venus 

I feel + divide + I love

When the transit Moon is in opposition to your natal Venus you can be too sensitive now which can lead to your feelings being easily hurt by someone else. You can possibly experience a disagreement with a friend or lover or have problems at home now. Having a good time may just not be possible for the few short hours this aspect is active, so it may be best not to socialize too much. 

Where does the moon in Taurus fall in your chart and how will it manifest for you?

Carolina Dean 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

New Moon in Pisces 2020

New Moon Chart 
2/23/2020  7:31 AM 
Natural Chart / Whole Houses 

When the Moon is in Pisces people are more sensitive to the prevailing psychic undercurrents of their environment and people around them.  They may also be more apt to associate with shady individuals or those who are handicapped. This usually manifests as a more altruistic, humanitarian, or emphatic outlook towards others.  The bad side of this a tendency to be too self-sacrificing. People generally have lofty dreams and goals.   

The House is Where it Happens

The Astrological House in which the New Moon occurs in your Natal Chart gives an indication of the area of life activated by the New Moon and where you can expect to see the energy of the New Moon in Pisces to play out. Since the March New Moon occurs in 15 degrees Pisces, you would look at your Natal, or Birth Chart to ascertain in what House 15 degrees Pisces occurs.  

The Twelve Houses of Life 

  1. The self, ego, appearance, initiative, leadership, fresh starts and new beginnings. 
  2. Money and material matters.  Your physical environment, income, money, and your sense of self-esteem. 
  3. Communication in all its forms (thinking, writing, speaking, etc... ) as well as siblings, local travel, teachers and community events. 
  4. Home, privacy, your basic sense of security, your mother, children, and your own ability to nurture others.
  5. Creative expression, drama, attention, love, and romance. 
  6. Health and service to others. Your routine, diet, exercise and helpfulness to others. 
  7. Marriage, partnerships, and relationships of all kinds.  Contracts, business deals, etc... 
  8. Birth, death, sex, other people's money and property. 
  9. Expansion, the higher mind, foreign matters (languages, cultures, travel) luck, adventure, risk, philosophy, ethics and morals. 
  10. The public, fame, honors, reputation, awards, boundaries, rules, discipline, authority, the father. 
  11. Groups of people such as friends and associations, networking, social justice.  Originality, sudden unexpected events, invention, surprises, and all things futuristic.
  12. Endings. Completion, tying up loose ends, old age, karma, making amends, and the afterlife. Imagination, creativity, poetry, and the subconscious mind. 

A Practical Example 
New Moon in Pisces and the 5th House 

With the New Moon in the fifth house you are more sensitive and it is harder for you to hide your feelings from those around you.  If you are in a relationship, you may experience deeper and more intense feelings for your lover or partner.  You may experience a certain obsession and possessiveness for your lover. Alternately, it is also possible that focus on your own feelings at the expense of the feelings of those around you. 

The moon brings the instinct to mother, or nurture, others and the 5th house rules over children. With the moon transiting the 5th house you may experience the desire to take care of others in a parental or mothering manner -- in fact you can be quite overprotective. It is important that your efforts to protect another person does not keep them from assuming responsibility for their own thoughts, words, and deeds. 

How to Work with New Moon in Pisces Energy 

Even if you don't know your astrological sign, you can still work with New Moon in Pisces with the following activities: 

  • take a digital detox by avoiding social media, email, or spending time on your cell phone
  • start a dream journal, study your dreams for messages 
  • try writing some poetry or just put your thoughts to paper 
  • make a collage or mandala of your dreams 
  • study your natal chart; transits, lunar return, or solar return chart
  • engage in spiritual bathing; go for a swim, relax in a hot tub. 
  • get a psychic reading (tarot, astrology, bone reading, etc... ) 
  • start a meditation practice; visualize your goals; write an affirmation 
  • engage in spiritual pursuits (journaling, yoga, affirmation, spiritual bathing etc...) 
  • schedule a therapy session with a qualified therapist;
  • practice self care 
  • learn to set boundaries 

How will you observe the Pisces New Moon? 

Carolina Dean 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Sun in Pisces 2020

Sun in Pisces 
2/18/20 8:56 PM PDT 
Natural Chart / Whole Houses 

The Sun in Pisces (General) 

Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, so when the Sun enters Pisces it signals the end of one cycle and the coming beginning of a new cycle ---when the Sun enters Aries. I feel that the ingress of the Sun in Pisces heralds an emotional spring cleaning that precedes the physical one that traditionally occurs in our environment after the Sun enters Aries in late March. 

Our interest turns to things of the spirit and our attention turns inward. We become focused on subconscious issues and immerse ourselves in dealing with our emotional baggage. The Sun in Pisces shines the light on the desire to seek out the truth and to be satisfied with what is found in the darkest corners of our psyches. You may find yourself listening more to your intuition as well as paying more attention to your dreams for signs and omens. Your sensitivity to these subtle energies results in heightened empathy and you exercise more compassion not only in dealing with yourself but also those around you. 

How the Sun in Pisces Affects You

A planet, such as the Sun, describes a specific type of energy. In the case of the Sun it is the energy of self or ego. The sign that it occupies indicates how that energy manifests. The Sun, the energy of self, in Pisces will manifest as vague, romantic, and intuitive. Finally the house that the planet transits will determine where this energy will manifest in your life. 

In order to determine the house that the Sun in Pisces is transiting you look at your birth chart and determine what house aligns with Pisces. For example. 

  • If your rising sign is Aries, Pisces is your 12th House  
  • If your rising sign is Taurus, Pisces is your 11th House 
  • If your rising sign is Gemini, Pisces is your 10th House
  • If your rising sign is Cancer, Pisces is your 9th House 
  • If your rising sign is Leo, Pisces is your 8th House
  • If your rising sign is Virgo, Pisces is your 7th House
  • If your rising sign is Libra, Pisces is your 6th House 
  • If your rising sign is Scorpio, Pisces is your 5th House 
  • If your rising sign is Sagittarius, Pisces is your 4th House
  • If your rising sign is Capricorn, Pisces is your 3rd House 
  • If your rising sign is Aquarius, Pisces is your 2nd House 
  • If your rising sign is Pisces, Pisces is your 1st House


Transit Sun in Pisces and the Natal 5th House 

The Sun in Pisces and the 5th House of love, children, and creativity can manifest as vague, romantic feelings about love and romance. The Sun is happiest in the 5th house because this house is ruled by Leo which is also ruled by the Sun. You want to believe that love is possible. You want to believe that you are loved and loving but you have some emotional baggage and / or subconscious blocks that you must confront before you can really enjoy yourself. 

On the flip side, you might try to socialize more and surround yourself with people in order to attract more attention to yourself in order to avoid confronting and healing your subconscious issues.  Alternately, you may also take up a new hobby as a distraction from your issues. If you have a history with addiction, such as gambling, you might want to be careful not to fall off the wagon


Aspects, or the relationship between planets is another dimension of Astrological interpretation that should be considered. For example. The Sun at 0° Pisces is applying a trine my natal Venus at 2° Scorpio. A Trine is a type of aspect in which the energy of one planet is supports the urge of another planets. 

The Sun Trine Venus 

I am + supports +  I love 

Transit Sun trine your Natal Venus you can be more affectionate and romantic now. You feel more attractive, charming, and social now and want to get out, do things, and meet people. Your relationships with others, especially women, will be more harmonious and enjoyable. This is a good time to make first impressions and expressing yourself more creatively. 

Ruler of the House 

What house does the Sun rule in your chart? It's ingress into Pisces also have an effect on the house that is also ruled by Pisces. For example, in my own chart Sun ruled Leo is in the 10th house and Pisces is in my 5th. So,  the ruler of my 10th house is now transiting my 5th house. What this means is that the activities associated with the 10th house will now serve the urges and interests of the 5th house. 

This can be interpreted as "reputation, achievements, and your desire for recognition serves creativity, pleasure, hobbies and children." You can then extrapolate on this statement to form your interpretation. For example you might say: You build a reputation for being flirty. You bring structure to your creative enedeavors.You want to be known for your creative work and expressions. You can make a career out of a hobby now.

Where is Pisces in your Natal Chart and how will the Sun in Pisces manifest for you?  
Carolina Dean 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Astrological Remediation


Astrological Remediation (N): The use of astrology to remedy problems, negative issues, or conditions indicated by the planets in a person’s astrological chart (i.e. natal, transit, progressed, etc...)

Astrologers see natal placements as representative of energies locked in place in your chart. When these energies vibrate at a high, or positive, frequency we take this energy to a good place and can benefit from the results. Difficulties, problems, and obstacles result when these energies vibrate at a low, or negative, frequency.  In other cases, the energies of one planet can react either positively or negativity to the energies of another planet (i.e. aspects) as well. 

Astrological remediation was widely practiced in ancient times and is still utilized today by some Astrologers who prescribe remedies to raise the vibration of energies represented in the chart. These remedies often take the form of mantras, gems, amulets, talismans, devotions, or ritual acts such as candle spell rites, mojo bags, doll-babies, or the use of gems, stones, and metals in the form of talismanic jewelry; alternatively an astrologer may recommend fasting, prayer, or acts of devotion such as contributing money to a cause or organization associated with the planetary energy that is being remediated. 

Alternately they may suggest healthy ways to use undesirable or negative energies represented in the birth chart and / or playing out in the individual’s life. For example, Mars in the 8th house can indicate a greater than average need for sex in a relationship. With an emphasis of sex over other aspects of a relationship this can lead to an imbalance in the relationship and possibly the end of a relationship is the sex is not balanced by other activities. A Remedial Astrologer may suggest that a person with an 8th House Mars redirect that sexual energy into some other physical activity such as boxing, running, weightlifting, etc.

Basics of Astrological Remediation 

First it must be understood that all remedial prescriptions are acts of intention, that is, they are performed with the belief that the remedy will positively address the issue, condition, or problem that concerns the individual. 

The process of astrological remediation occurs in three steps, they are 1) identifying the problem 2) examining the chart and 3) prescribing the remedy


Your client is a 32-year-old female. She has not been in a relationship in over four years. She explains that she has trouble meeting men and the few men she does meet turn out to be undesirable. 

Step One: Identify the Problem 

You speak to the client and ask a few follow up questions. You determine that she is not interested in dating several men, or casual sex but rather her ultimate goal is marriage and a family. 

Step Two: Examine the Chart 

You erect your client’s natal chart and examine it with an emphasis on the planets and houses associated with love and marriage. You determine the following:

  • Her Venus is in detriment in Scorpio.
  • Her Venus is making a square to Saturn.
  • She has Leo in the 7th house; and the ruler of her 7th house (the sun) in in her 4th House.

You determine that her Venus is weakened in Scorpio and it is cut off from its natural resources (charm, attraction, beauty, etc..), and that she will need to adapt in order to fulfill Venus’ full potential of love, romance, and harmony. The Venus / Saturn square indicates obstacles to the path of love; experiencing frequent rejection and disappointment in matters of romance; and feeling lonely, isolated, and unworthy of love. Finally, the ruler of her 7th house in the 4th house is indicative of her desire to have a home and start a family with someone.

Step Three: Prescribe the Remedy 

Venus rules matters of love and romance, and the ruler of the client’s seventh house is the Sun. Therefore, the planets we want to remediate are Venus and the Sun. The remedy or remedies you prescribe will need to strengthen Venus, alleviate its square to Saturn, and raise the vibration of the Sun energy in the chart. Obviously, no individual spell, ritual, or remedy will cover all of the above conditions; therefore, the remedial astrologer may suggest several remedies from which the individual may choose to perform at one time or another. Some such examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • A green candle dressed with Venus Oil and rolled in Venus-Ruled herbs and burned down on top of a copy of the Natal Chart on the day (Friday) and in the hour (Sunrise) of Venus. Venus is also “exalted”, or most powerful, in Pisces so dressing your candle with Pisces oil would also be appropriate. 
  • It would also be wise to do any magical work when Venus is transiting Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and it is exalted in Pisces. Also when the Sun is in Leo (Ruler) or Aries (Exaltation) 
  • Creating a sigil of your name on the Kamea, or Magic, Square, of Venus. This would also be done on the day of and in the hour of Venus. This would then be carried on your person. 
  • Fasting from sunrise to sunset on Friday (Venus) and or Sunday (Sun) 
  • The recitation of a mantra or affirmative prayer at morning, noon, and sunset on a daily basis.
  • Creating a love-drawing mojo bag with emphasis on Venus and or The Sun symbology and related herbs, roots, oils, etc.. 
  •  Surrounding yourself with or carrying any gems, stones, or metals that vibrate at the frequency of Venus and or the Sun. 
  • Wearing clothing that vibrate at the same frequency of Venus and or the Sun. 
  •  Finally, the counter the Venus Square Saturn aspect, an altar may be set up with a black candle representing Saturn on the left and a green candle representing Venus on the right. Each candle should be dressed, or anointed, with their corresponding Planetary Oil. Next, we would introduce a third planet to alleviate and remediate the negative energy of the square. In this case, I would suggest a blue candle representing Jupiter (aka the Greater Benefic) and this would be dressed with Jupiter Oil as well. The candle would be lit in this following order as you may your prayer or petition: first Saturn, then Venus, and lastly Jupiter. This is a rite they may have to be performed more than once and could be enhanced by performing the ritual during an astrologically auspicious time.


Astrological Remediation is a very old practice still in use today in which an astrologer will prescribe certain remedies to alleviate or remediate difficulties represented in an astrological chart. Remedies may include, but are not limited to spells, prayers, or the use of amulets and talismans. The process of astrological remediation occurs in three parts. They are 1) Identifying the problem, 2) Examining the Chart and 3) Prescribing the Remedy. All remedies are intentional acts performed with the sincere belief that the prescribed remedy will alleviate or remediate the problem or difficulty represented in the chart in question.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mars in Capricorn 2020

Mars in Capricorn 
2/16/20  3:33 AM  PDT 
Natural Chart / Whole Houses 

Mars in Capricorn (General) 

When Mars (I Act) is in Capricorn (I Use) people are more driven to be successful in their careers. Capricorn is a cardinal sign which means that it thrives on action and needs to be doing something in order to be satisfied. Capricorn's element is also earth so people can take all that energy and drive and focus it on their long term goals. They are also able to make plans now to achieve their goals. It's important, however, that they don't get tunnel vision and get so focused on the goal that they fail to enjoy their present success.  In addition to drive and ambition, Mars is also the planet of aggression and passion and in the sign of it's exaltation it is much more powerful. The transit of Mars through Capricorn can result in conflicts with your boss, mentor, or parents (especially your father or a father figure).  

Where Capricorn falls in your chart is the area of life where Mars in Capricorn will most strongly be felt and you will be driven to use your energy and ambition to achieve something. 

  • If your rising sign is Aries, Capricorn is your 10th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Taurus, Capricorn is your 9th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Gemini, Capricorn is your 8th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Cancer, Capricorn is your 7th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Leo, Capricorn is your 6th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Virgo, Capricorn is your 5th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Libra, Capricorn is your 4th house 
  • If your rising sign is Scorpio, Capricorn is your 3rd house. 
  • If your rising sign is Sagittarius, Capricorn is your 2nd house. 
  • If your rising sign is Capricorn, Capricorn is your 1st house. 
  • If your rising sign is Aquarius, Capricorn is your 12th house. 
  • If your rising sign is Pisces, Capricorn is your 11th house.


Mars + Capricorn + 3rd House 

I act + I use + conscious mind

With Mars in Capricorn and the third house you are driven to more actively use your conscious mind in ambitious ways. Your mid is more active and busy during this transit. You have something to say and you are driven to say it (even if other people don't want to hear what you have to say).  You need more mental stimulation now and if you don't have it you can easily get bored. Since the third house also rules short trips, it is possible that you may take more short trips than ususal during this transit. 


Aspects or relationships between planets is another dimension of astrological interpretation that should be considered. For example, let's say that Mars at 0° Capricorn is applying a trine to natal Mercury at 3° Virgo. A trine is type of aspect in which the energy of one planet is supportive of the urge of another planet. Usually it is the slower planet having an effect on the faster planet. 

Let's break this aspect down, shall we?

Mars Trine Mercury 

I Act supports I Think 

Transit Mars trine Natal Mercury brings added energy to the mental faculties making this a good time to complete any work or tasks related to the mind such as studies, writing, reading and comprehension, answering emails, etc... This aspect grants you a quicker mind that takes decisive action. You can make plans now with confidence and easy knowing that they everything will go as planned. You can also be more persuasive with your words now, so you are more likely to stand up for any idea, issue, or cause that you believe in and back up your position with eloquence and passion. 

Ruler of the House 

Finally, let us look at the ruler of the house. In astrology, Mars rules Aries, so the house that Aries is in in your Natal Chart represents the area of life that will most be affected by the ingress of Mars into Capricorn. For example, in my own natal chart Aries is in the 6th house and Capricorn is in my 3rd house. In this case, it would be said that the ruler of the 3rd house is in the 6th house. What this means is that the activities of the 3rd house serve the urge of the 6th house. This can be translated as "thought processes, communication, and self expressions serves daily habits, routine, and health."

Using this statement as our baseline, we extrapolate on this sentence and might say something like Your thoughts are oriented towards your daily habits and routine. Your ability to successfully communicate with others affects your work for the better and helps you get along with your co-workers and boss. You have a curious and efficient mind and observe other people and apply your observations to your daily routine. 

Where does Capricorn fall in your Natal Chart and what does the ingress of Mars into Capricorn say about you and your life?

Carolina Dean 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Composite Chart

The Composite Chart 

A Chart of the Relationship

With Valentine's Day around the corner, many people are thinking about love. While some people are concerned about drawing new love, others are thinking about their existing relationships. They may be thinking about taking a causal relationship to a new level of commitment, they may be asking if they are compatible with their lover or if their special someone is the one. Alternately, they may be questioning whether the relationship is worth continuing or if it is time for a clean break and allow both parties to go their separate ways. 

In these cases a lot of people look to synastry, which is one way of comparing two charts for romantic and sexual compatibility. For example, the below chart represents the synastry between two individuals. The inner circle is the birth chart of one individual and the outer circle is the second person's birth chart. 

In a Synastry Chart there are a few things that an astrologer will look at to determine compatibility such as aspects between the Suns, the Moons, the Sun and the Ascendant, the Moon and the Ascendant, and the aspects between Venus and Mars. 

In addition to the Synastry Chart, there is the Composite Chart. The Composite Chart is a chart of  the midpoints between the planets in one chart and the planets in another. Where does my Sun meet your Sun in the middle? My moon and your moon? My Mercury and your Mercury and so forth and so on. The Midpoints are calculated using a complex mathematical formula. Luckily there are websites such as astro that will do it for you. For example, below is the Composite Chart of the same two individuals as in the above Synastry Chart. 

Interpreting the Composite Chart 

The Composite chart merges two individual's birth charts into one and as such is no longer a chart of the two individuals but rather is a chart of the relationship itself and it is interpreted as such. The planets are read according to the astrological house they occupy. 

Below you will find short, pithy descriptions of what the planets and houses represent in a composite chart. Use these in conjunction with your astrological keywords (change your "I" statements to "We" statements") to help you interpret your composite chart.  

The Planets of Astrology

  • The Sun- the sun represents the purpose of the relationship and can indicate the types of problems they couple will face and have to overcome. 
  • The Moon- the moon represents how you relate to one another emotionally and what is needed in order to feel nurtured and emotionally secure in the relationship. 
  • Mercury- mercury represents how you connect mentally with one another, how you communicate and understand one another. 
  • Venus- venus represents how you show your affection for one another, and how you express your feelings of love and romance. 
  • Mars- mars represents where you are driven within the relationship. 
  • Jupiter- jupiter represents areas for potential growth within the relationship, and where being together is favorable for the couple. 
  • Saturn- saturn represents areas of limitation and difficulty in the relationship which can inhibit growth.  
  • Uranus- uranus represents areas where you need change and excitement in the relationship. 
  • Neptune- Neptune represents areas of confusion in the relationship where you may not be perceiving things as they are but rather as you wish them to be. 
  • Pluto- pluto represents areas in the relationship where power plays take place. 

The Houses of Astrology 

  1. The first house represents how the couple met and / or what type of couple they are. Are they the fun couple, the sporty couple? 
  2. The second house represents your shared personal values, as well as your attitudes about money and security. 
  3. The third house represents how you communicate with one another as a couple and how you relate to one another on a day-to-day basis. 
  4. The fourth house represents how you connect to another on an emotional level and how you build your relationship up on that connection. 
  5. The fifth house represents the types of activities you do together for fun as well as how you express your affection for one another. 
  6. The sixth house represents how well, or not, you work together, and your daily activities in the mundane. 
  7. The seventh house represents how you come together as a couple as well as how you interact with other people as a couple. 
  8. The eight house represents how you connect with each other in an intimate way as well as how you use your shared resources. 
  9. The ninth house represents how you experience the exploration of the world around you together and grow from your experiences. 
  10. The tenth house represents how you present yourself to the world at large and the goals that you work on or hope to achieve together. 
  11. The eleventh house represents the groups you become involved with together and any causes you may work towards. 
  12. The twelfth house represents endings and can indicate areas of the relationship that is hidden or within the subconscious as well as the any shared baggage that needs to be released. 


Here are a few example of composite planets in the houses. 

  1. Composite Venus in the 5th House -Composite Venus in the 5th house can indicate that this is a couple who really likes one another and enjoys each others company. They may spend a great deal of time together on shared hobbies, socializing with others, or attending parties, movies, parties, or other entertaining activities. 
  2. Composite Mars in the 8th House -Composite Mars in the 8th House can indicate a relationship in which sex and sexual fulfillment is of great importance. This is couple who is quite sexually active and in which sex is used as an outlet to soothe mutual aggressions. Since this house also rules shared resources, it can indicate conflicts and arguments over money. 

Other Considerations 

In addition to the planets in the houses, an astrologer will look at the aspects, or relationships between the planets in the composite chart. The aspects between the planets in the composite chart bring an added dimension to the interpretation of the chart. 

Other considerations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Composite North Node
  • Aspects to the North Node
  • Composite Ascendant 
  • Planets in Signs 

Carolina Dean